2G Fuel Surge Tank Kit for internal fuel pumps


 Part #150-01-304
 FST height265mm (10.43”)
 FST diameterØ 148mm (5.82”)
 FST bracket diameterØ 178mm (7.00”)
 FST mounting points6 x M6 (Ø 6.5 mm / 0.25″)
 Kit weight3955g (8.71lb)
 Fuel filter element200mm 10-micron stainless steel
 Fuel capacity≈ 3 liter (0.8 gallons)
 Outlet threadAN-10 ORB
 Inlet threadAN-8 ORB
 Return threadAN-8 ORB
 Electrical connectorM6, Max ≈125 Ampere / each
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The 2nd generation Fuel Surge Tank from Nuke Performance, with everything you need to mount your fuel high-pressure fuel pumps.
This new updated version is the first of its kind specially developed and designed to mount a single or dual setup of most common fuel pumps from AEM, Deatschwerks, Bosch, Aeromotive, Walbro, and more.

  •  A lightweight motorsports fuel surge tank
  • Fits a single or dual high-pressure fuel pump
  • 10-micron stainless steel fuel filter
  • 3.0 liter surge tank capacity
  • Kit with surge tank and fuel filter
  •  100% Safe for all types of fuels
  • Delivered with AN-10 ORB fittings

This kit lets you combine two internal fuel pumps into one filtered AN-10  ORB outlet. This Fuel Surge Tank is able to deliver steady fuel flow even over 2000hp. This setup is everything you need to be combined into a space-efficient and power-efficient solution and design.