2G Fuel Surge Tank 3.0 liter for brushless fuel pumps


 Part #150-01-401
 Length265mm (10.43”)
 FST diameterØ 148mm (5.82”)
 Bracket diameterØ 178mm (7.00”)
 Mounting points3 x M6 (Ø 6.5 mm / 0.25″)
 Surge tank volumeApproximately 3.0 liter (0.79 gallons)
 Weight2780g (6.12lb)
 Fits # of high-pressure pumps1-2 x brushless in-tank fuel pumps
 Outlet port, threadAN-10 ORB
 Inlet / Return / OverflowAN-8 ORB
 Fits fuel pump diameters39mm / 42mm / 46mm *
 Electrical connector6-pin bulkhead connector
 – connector pointsx6 (max ≈30 ampere / each **)
 Fuel compatibilityGasoline, Petrol, Methanol, Ethanol, E85
 For motorsport useYES
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The Nuke Performance popular 2nd generation Fuel Surge Tank, specially developed for use with brushless fuel pumps, such as Protec Cobra Compact and Deatschwerks DW440 Brushless.
This new updated version is the first of its kind specially developed and designed to mount a single or dual setup of in-tank brushless fuel pumps. A single oversized AN-10 ORB outlet lets you use a single fuel line straight out of the surge tank, even when using a dual internal setup.

  • An extremely lightweight motorsports surge tank
  • Fits a single or dual brushless in-tank fuel pumps
  • 3.0 liter surge tank capacity
  • 6-pin bulkhead electrical connector
  • Safe for all types of fuels, including E85 and E100
  • Single AN-10 ORB outlet, for a trouble-free installation

The Nuke Performance 2G fuel surge tank lets you combine two internal fuel pumps into one AN-10 outlet. This Fuel Surge Tank is able to deliver steady fuel flow even over 2000hp. This setup is everything you need to be combined into a space-efficient and power-efficient solution and design.