VP Racing M2 Upper Lube


Kütuselisand – määrdeaine – 473 ml. pudel – etanool/metanool

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M2™ alcohol fuel additive lubricates the upper cylinder and fuel system and increases power with more ring seal. It replaces lubrication lost by wash of dry fuels and is not detectable by routine fuel tests. M2 alcohol fuel additive mixes with only slight agitation. Use M2 to protect the investment in your methanol or ethanol-powered engine. It will more than pay off at rebuild time.

  • Rated for superchargers
  • Protects valves and guides
  • Safeguards aluminum fuel system parts & cylinder walls
  • Suitable for use with E85, methanol, and nitromethane fuels
  • Not for use with catalytic converters
  • Use 1oz. of product per 5 gallons; one bottle treats up to 55 gallons