R35 Coil Conversion Kit for Toyota JZ


uits: Toyota 2JZ
Includes: R35 Coil Bracket Kit ,COP Ignition Harness & 6 x Genuine Hitachi “R35 GTR” Ignition Coils with mating connector, pins and seals

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Genuine Hitachi “R35” Ignition Coil with mating connector, pins, and seals. All dressed up with a Haltech Label.
A popular upgrade for many engines due to their high output. Conversion kits may be required depending on the engine.
R35 coil bracket to suit 1JZ, 1JZ VVTi,2JZ, or 2JZ VVTi engines to convert the standard coils over to R35 GTR Ignition Coils.
Includes mounting hardware and Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) Block offs.Pre-terminated harness for inline 6 engine configuration.
Plug and Play with Haltech Elite Toyota 2JZ terminated engine harness, or use included DT-8 opposing connector to wire to an alternate harness (e.g. universal application).