Precision Turbo PT 8085 NEXT GEN Turbocharger / ball bearing / T4 Twinscroll 0.98 A/R / ext. WG / V-Band outlet / Sportsman-cover Highflow / up to 1600 HP


Application: STREET & RACE
Horsepower: 1600 HP
Product group: Turbocharger
Model: PT 8085
Generation: NEXT GEN
Bearing type: Ball bearing
CHRA cooling: Air-cooled
Rotation: Standard

Compressor cover type: Sportsman-cover
Compressor ported style: Ported
Compressor inlet: 5.0″
Compressor outlet: 4.2″
Compressor wheel inducer: 90,00 mm
Compressor wheel exducer: 112 mm

Turbine inlet flange: T4 Twinscroll
Wastegate: ext. WG.
Downpipe flange: V-Band (4 5/8″ diameter)
A/R: 0.98 A/R
Turbine wheel exducer: 85,00 mm
Turbine wheel inducer: 90,00 mm
Material turbine housing: Cast iron

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All new sportsman frame sized 8080 turbocharger features a NEXT GEN, 80mm CEA compressor wheel mated to a newly designed 80mm high flow turbine wheel. This unit is based on the Sportsman ball bearing turbo and is available with multiple turbine housing options. Designed to bridge the gap between our NEXT GEN Sportsman 7675 and NEXT GEN Sportsman 8685 turbocharger, the NEXT GEN Sportsman 8080 turbocharger is a great option for those looking for more power than the Sportsman 7675 without having to move all the way into a turbo with an 85mm turbine wheel.