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Oil cooler universal

Original Setrab oil cooler Pro Line

Universal oil cooler for street, track and Motorsport racing

Setrab stands out as the foremost producer of top-tier oil coolers, embraced by triumphant teams across the global motorsport spectrum. Drawing on their wealth of expertise in the high-performance Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) automotive sector, Setrab delivers only the most exceptional and dependable products to racing teams and enthusiasts alike.
The proven durability of a Setrab cooler makes it the perfect cooling solution for racing cars, motorcycles, and tuners, as well as for motorhomes and towing vehicles. Setrab’s unmatched quality and reliability set it apart from the rest.
At TurboZentrum, we proudly offer Setrab products for your performance race car. Our endorsement stems from firsthand experience, as we have integrated these top-quality products into our own racing endeavors.

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  • Core width: See drop down menu
  • Depth: 50mm
  • Thread: M22x1,5
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Rows - Width

10 Rows – 210mm width, 10 Rows – 330mm width, 10 Rows – 405mm width, 13 Rows – 210mm width, 13 Rows – 330mm width, 13 Rows – 405mm width, 15 Rows – 405mm width, 16 Rows – 210mm width, 16 Rows – 330mm width, 19 Rows – 210mm width, 19 Rows – 330mm width, 19 Rows – 405mm width, 25 Rows – 210mm width, 25 Rows – 330mm width, 34 Rows – 330mm width, 34 Rows – 405mm width, 7 Rows – 210mm width, 7 Rows – 330mm width, 7 Rows – 405mm width, 72 Rows – 210mm width