Intercooler 600x300x100mm Outlet diameter 100mm!! FMIC.EU


Intercooler 780x300x100mm

core size 600x300x100mm

inlet diameter – 76mm, outlet diameter – 100mm!

suitable up to 1200HP

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FMIC.EU performance intercooler, made from high quality aluminum alloy, provides outstanding heat exchange capabilities, largely improving car’s performance over OEM intercooler.
New type of both internal and external cores, developed in cooperation with Europes best drifters and drag racers features a completely new take on core’s fins arrangement, resulting in improved heat exchange and air flow. Alternately placed heat exchanger fins with additional incisions across the body of each fin significantly improve cooling capabilities.
Intercooler tanks made from thick aluminum cast withstand any harsh conditions which you can encounter during any type of competition or driving on the street.
FMIC.EU intercoolers are the only ones tested up to 10 Bar of pressure.
There are many aftermarket intercoolers available on the market but only genuine FMIC.EU intercoolers combine high quality with affordable price. You can distinguish original product by FMIC.EU logo extruded on both upper and lower walls of each intercooler.