GenV ProPort BOV (Purple)


ProPort by Turbosmart is an all-new 54mm (2.13in) Blow-off Valve with a tiny footprint and massive flow. The ProPort flows 420 cfm, which is enough for 3500 HP, and is in a league of its own, standing 30mm (1.2in) lower than PowerPort while flowing over 25% more than the Market leading 50mm RacePort. Features include our unique locking collar design, new unique vent profile, sensor cap option and spring options for all turbocharged and supercharged applications.

The ProPort resulted from over 25 years of Blow Off Valve manufacturing experience and 12 months of internal development. The design is CFD-driven and real-world validated for the maximum possible flow based on the demands of the Tuning and motorsport Market. The Milspec Diaphragm operated valve is highly responsive while using our Boost-Balance system, which means the more boost you feed it, the better it seals!

Available with an onboard position sensor as an option, we utilise a non-contact hall effect sensor for the position of the valve, which means no through-holes in the cap, ensuring no chance of leaks. The data this can provide for professional and amateur teams alike is invaluable when every pass and every minute on track counts!

The Quick Release V-Band system is of the quality you have come to expect from Turbosmart, as our GenV cap profile is easily distinguishable and includes 2 x 1/8NPT reference ports on a cap that can be rotated for simplifying reference hose runs in complex engine bays.

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2 x 1/8″ NPT Reference Ports

Mil-Spec Proprietary DiaphragAnodiseded 6000 series billet Aluminium Body and Valve

Quick Change V-Band Fitment

Unique Locking Collar Design

Optional Valve Position Sensor