GenV Electronic ProGate50 Electronic External Wastegate


Turbosmart’s Patent Pending, eWG50 is a fully electronic actuated wastegate – Built on the successful, class-leading GenV ProGate50 architecture, now with the kind of control never seen before. The eGG50 ProGate50 is a 50mm Electronic Wastegate that uses full electronic control without the limitations associated with traditional pneumatic control.

Starting with a Turbosmart’s GenV wastegate body, you can be confident the mounting orientation will match your existing manifold and outlet hardware. The GenV ProGate50 already had class-leading flow capacity and heat handling characteristics. Now featuring the Turbosmart Patent Pending eWG actuator system, you can also be sure of unparalleled control.

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Class Leading, CFD & Bench Validated Flow Performance

Nitronic 60 Valve Guide & High Temp 347 SS Body

Liquid Cooled, Electronic Actuator

Strap Type V-band clamps

User Adjustable Actuator Position

Onboard Analog 0-5V Wastegate Position Sensor

Onboard Analog 0-5V Actuator Temperature Sensor

Onboard Digital (PWM) Wastegate Position Sensor