Fuel pump DeatschWerks DW300 Universal 340l/h internal


Type: Universal
Pumping capacity: 340 litres per hour
E85 Suitability: All DW pumps can be used with E85 and pure ethanol.

Content: internal fuel pump (installed in tank), with 9-1000 Installation-Kit

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All DeatschWerks fuel pumps are subjected to a multi-stage performance test to ensure the highest standards. This process, carried out by trained technicians, gives consumers the assurance that they are not buying any off the peg” product.
The performance tests include:
– Flow rate at pressures of 40 psi, 60 psi, 80 psi, 100 psi
– Current consumption at each pressure
– PRV Activation point
– Non-return valve function
– Cavitation
– Quality control

DW300 series, 340l/h internal fuel pump (installed in the tank), with universal installation kit.